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Access to Paid Leave Varies by Education for New Moms

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Tweet Written By: Lynda Laughlin Paid maternity allows new mothers time to care for their newborns and provides economic security while they are away from work. While the Family and Medical Leave Act, passed in 1993, entitles new parents to … Continue reading

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Public Pensions See Drop in Assets

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Tweet Written by: Lisa Blumerman, US Census Bureau Anyone who has a retirement or pension plan knows they have substantial investments in financial markets and that their earnings are very dependent on changes in market performance. So, what effect did … Continue reading

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American Community Survey Takes Our Nation’s Demographic Pulse Each Year

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Tweet Written by: James Treat, US Census Bureau In every census between 1940 and 2000, millions of American households received a “long form”, which contained scores of questions on a wide range of demographic, socioeconomic and housing topics. Following the … Continue reading

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End of Recession Doesn’t Mean Good Times Return Right Away

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Tweet Written by: David Johnson, US Census Bureau An economic recession is typically defined by the National Bureau of Economic Research as a decline in the gross domestic product for two or more consecutive calendar quarters. The last recession began … Continue reading

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Income Gap: Is it Widening?

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Tweet Written by: David Johnson, US Census Bureau Economists study closely the issue of income inequality in our nation; that is, the income gap between the wealthiest and least wealthy Americans. The Census Bureau publishes several measures of income inequality … Continue reading

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