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Do Higher Degrees Always Pay Off? It Depends

Written by Stephanie Ewert Many statistics suggest that education is a key way to improve one’s economic position in life.  Consequently, parents often stress the importance of education to their kids in hopes of ensuring economic success for them down … Continue reading

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GED Recipients Have Lower Earnings, are Less Likely to Enter College

Written by Stephanie Ewert Although most people complete high school by earning a traditional high school diploma, some complete a high school equivalency by passing the GED test. Most states and many federal programs consider the GED certificate to be … Continue reading

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$35 billion owed in child support payments

Written by: Tim Grall During a time when the number of people living in poverty reached its largest recorded number in 51 years, 28.3 percent of custodial parents found themselves below the poverty level. For many families, the income from … Continue reading

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A Slow Economy Can Increase Child Care Provided by Fathers

Written by: Lynda Laughlin Changes in the use of father-provider child care is often related to changes in the family and the economy. The recent recession was particularly difficult for men. Men had higher jobless rates than women because of steep … Continue reading

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More Families Receive Assistance During a Time of Recession

Written by: Shelley Irving To help cope with challenging economic times, more people have turned to financial assistance programs.  One such assistance program is TANF, which refers to Temporary Assistance to Needy Families, the program that replaced the Aid to … Continue reading

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