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Majority of Workers Take Health Insurance Offered by Their Employers

Written by: Joelle Abramowitz, Economist, Social, Economic and Housing Statistics Division New statistics from the U.S. Census Bureau show that in 2015, 78.8 percent of employees worked for an employer who offered insurance to any of its employees, 71.0 percent … Continue reading

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2015 Mover Rate Remains Near Historic Low

  Written By: David Ihrke Given the amount of effort and planning required to move, it should come as no surprise that the vast majority of people in the United States do not move over a one-year period. According to … Continue reading

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Skipping the Booth: Voters Using Alternative Methods are Increasing

Written By: Thom File, sociologist, Education and Social Stratification Statistics Branch Nationally in 2014, 10.3 percent of voters reported voting in person before Election Day, while 20.9 percent reported voting by mail, meaning that in the most recent congressional election, … Continue reading

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For the Most Part, Few Young Adults Live With Their Parents

By Jonathan Vespa, David Ihrke and Ellyn Arevalo Steidl People may think that today’s young adults, often called “millennials” — the so-called “boomerang generation”— are flocking to their parents’ basement instead of moving out on their own. However, a look … Continue reading

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Continuously Improving the Health Insurance Coverage Estimates from the Current Population Survey

By Jennifer Cheeseman Day In an ever-changing world, we must constantly work to enhance our ways of measurement. This year, the U.S. Census Bureau implemented a new set of questions in the Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement … Continue reading

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