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How the Census Bureau Measures Income and Poverty

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Tweet Written by: Victoria Velkoff Income, poverty and health insurance statistics for 2013 from the Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic Supplement (CPS ASEC) will be released Tuesday, Sept. 16, 2014. One-year statistics from the 2013 American Community Survey … Continue reading

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Using the Survey of Income and Program Participation to Study Poverty Dynamics

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Tweet Written by: Ashley Edwards Some people may see poverty as a continuous state. In fact, it can be temporary. Many people are used to understanding the issue of poverty through annual statistics that provide a snapshot of how many … Continue reading

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What Are Model-Based Estimates and Why Does the Census Bureau Produce Them?

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Tweet Written by: Lucinda Dalzell, Chief of the Small Area Estimates Branch Today the Census Bureau released its 2012 Small Area Income and Poverty Estimates program statistics for all states, counties, and school districts.¬†They are produced for the U.S. Department … Continue reading

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What is the Supplemental Poverty Measure and How Does it Differ from the Official Measure?

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Tweet Note: This is an updated version of a blog that ran last year. It provides important information on the differences between the official and supplemental poverty measures. Written by: Trudi Renwick Since the publication of the first official U.S. … Continue reading

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American Community Survey Statistics Give Communities Detailed Look at Income, Poverty, Health Insurance and Many other Statistics

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Tweet Written by: James B. Treat The American Community Survey statistics released today provide information for geographies with populations of 65,000 or more on many different topics, including income, poverty and health insurance. While national level statistics on these topics … Continue reading

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