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How Long Do People Receive Assistance?

Written by: Shelley K. Irving A recent report examines means-tested program participation rates, the extent to which the programs are used, and median monthly benefit amounts from January 2009 through December 2012 using longitudinal data from the Survey of Income … Continue reading

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Growth in Small Town America

Written by: Sarah Gibb and Rodger Johnson Many people are nostalgic for “small town” America, where everyday life was commonly organized around a bustling Main Street lined with small shops and restaurants. While it is true that less of the … Continue reading

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Moving in the USA: Domestic Migration Before and After the Recession

Written by: Ben Bolender, Population Estimates Branch Peter Borsella, Net International Migration Branch Luke Rogers, Population Estimates Branch Sam Garrow, Population Estimates Branch Have you ever moved? If so, was it to a new state? Was it to a new … Continue reading

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Trading Spaces: Should I Stay or Should I Go Now?

Written by: Alison Fields Most people move at some point in their life. The average American changes his or her residence 11.3 times. We are all in motion. The nation does not stand still. Major transitions in our lives are … Continue reading

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Still Moving, But Why?

Written By: David Ihrke Between 2013 and 2014, 35.7 million people age 1 and over moved to a different residence in the United States. This represents about one-ninth of the population — about the population of Texas and New Jersey … Continue reading

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