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A Change in Circumstances: Family and Household Transitions and Child Well-Being

Written By: Lynda Laughlin Change is inevitable, but how often things change can matter for the well-being of children. A new report, A Child’s Day: Living Arrangements, Nativity, and Family Transitions: 2011, uses multiyear data from the Survey of Income … Continue reading

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Grandparents Who Live with a Grandchild are Younger and More Likely to be in Poverty

Written by: Renee R. Ellis, demographer, Fertility and Family Statistics Branch The Survey of Income and Program Participation is the only U.S. census survey that asks questions about grandparents who do not live with their grandchildren. In the Coresident Grandparents … Continue reading

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Who Faces More Family Instability: Married or Nonmarried First-Time Mothers?

Written by: Lindsay M. Monte In the Fertility of Women in the United States: 2012 report, we use June 2012 Current Population Survey data to examine family instability. A common definition of family instability is considered to be changes in the … Continue reading

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Marrying Older, But Sooner?

Written By: Jonathan Vespa The age when Americans marry for the first time has risen to its highest point since the 1950s. Although true, there is more to the story. With life expectancy increasing, Americans today are actually marrying sooner … Continue reading

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Married Couples are Not the Only Type of Two-Parent Family

Written by: Jamie M. Lewis When you think of a two-parent family, you may picture a married couple with children under 18. Although these families make up a substantial proportion of all households, at 19 percent, they are not the … Continue reading

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