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Taking a Look at Veterans Across America

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Tweet By Braedyn Kromer and Kelly Holder As we celebrate those who have served in the U.S. Armed Forces this Veterans Day, many Americans may want to learn more about the veterans who live in and around their area. Today … Continue reading

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Measuring Race And Ethnicity Across The Decades: 1790-2010

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Tweet Written By: Beverly M. Pratt, Lindsay Hixson and Nicholas A. Jones Over the years, the U.S. Census Bureau has collected information on race and ethnicity. The census form has always reflected changes in society, and shifts have occurred in … Continue reading

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Homegrowns and Rolling Stones

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Tweet By Megan Benetsky, Charlynn Burd and Kin Koerber Most people in the United States — about 59 percent — live in the state where they were born. Nevertheless, that leaves a large share of people who have moved from … Continue reading

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Statisticians: A Goodness of Fit Test

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Tweet By One or More Census Bureau Statisticians In honor of World Statistics Day, let’s talk about statisticians. While lots of people use statistics in their jobs every day (such as sports writers, stock analysts, weather reporters, biologists, engineers, economists, … Continue reading

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Women Now at the Head of the Class, Lead Men in College Attainment

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Tweet Written By: Kurt Bauman and Camille Ryan In 1940, under 5 percent of the U.S. population held a bachelor’s degree. Men, at 5.5 percent, were more likely than women at 3.8 percent, to have a college education. Although the … Continue reading

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