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How the Census Bureau Measures Income and Poverty

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Tweet Written by: David Johnson Note: This is an updated  version of a blog that ran last year. It provides important information on when to use statistics from the Current Population Survey and when to use them from the American … Continue reading

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Who is a STEM Worker?

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Tweet Written by: Liana Christin Landivar Did you know that the most common science, technology, engineering, and math (STEM) occupation is software developer? More than 80 percent of STEM workers today are employed in computer occupations or engineering. Two new … Continue reading

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How the Census Bureau Measures the Foreign-Born Population and Immigration

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Tweet Written by: Elizabeth M. Grieco Census Bureau statistics can be used to answer many questions about the foreign-born population in the United States. For example: How many foreign-born people are here? Where are they from? Where do they live? … Continue reading

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Hispanic College Enrollment Surges in 2012

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Tweet Written by: Julie Siebens Hispanic college enrollment numbers increased from 2011 to 2012, even while white non-Hispanic and black enrollment numbers declined.  Is this simply the product of a growing U.S. Hispanic population, or are there other forces at … Continue reading

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The Vanishing Married Household?

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Tweet Written by: Jonathan Vespa Did you know that in 1970 married couples with children made up 40 percent of American households? Today, they comprise just 20 percent (see figure).   What looks like a dramatic drop in married households may … Continue reading

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