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Moving in the USA: Domestic Migration Before and After the Recession

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Tweet Written by: Ben Bolender, Population Estimates Branch Peter Borsella, Net International Migration Branch Luke Rogers, Population Estimates Branch Sam Garrow, Population Estimates Branch Have you ever moved? If so, was it to a new state? Was it to a … Continue reading

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More Education Means Less Chance of Living with Mom and Dad

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Tweet Written by: Ellyn Arevalo Steidl, David Ihrke and Jonathan Vespa Our last blog on young adults looked at trends over the last 40 years of young adults living with their parents. Today we take a closer look at this … Continue reading

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For the Most Part, Few Young Adults Live With Their Parents

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Tweet By Jonathan Vespa, David Ihrke and Ellyn Arevalo Steidl People may think that today’s young adults, often called “millennials” — the so-called “boomerang generation”— are flocking to their parents’ basement instead of moving out on their own. However, a … Continue reading

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What is the Supplemental Poverty Measure and How Does it Differ from the Official Measure?

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Tweet Written by: Kathleen Short, Census Bureau Economist In September, the U.S. Census Bureau released official poverty statistics for the United States for the 2013 calendar year. The current official poverty measure was developed in the early 1960s, and only … Continue reading

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Continuously Improving the Health Insurance Coverage Estimates from the Current Population Survey

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Tweet By Jennifer Cheeseman Day In an ever-changing world, we must constantly work to enhance our ways of measurement. This year, the U.S. Census Bureau implemented a new set of questions in the Current Population Survey Annual Social and Economic … Continue reading

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