OnTheMap Upgrades – New Business Firm-Level Data and Improved PDF Reports

Written by: Matthew Graham

The Census Bureau has updated the popular OnTheMap tool. Now you can find firm-level statistics, such as firm age and firm size. A product of the Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) program, these statistics allow policymakers, academics, and economic development and transportation analysts to measure the economic impact of young/old firms or small/large firms in relation to commuting patterns and worker characteristics.

onthemapOnTheMap is a Web-based mapping and reporting application that allows creating, viewing, printing, and downloading workforce related maps, profiles and underlying data. This innovative tool provides an interactive map viewer that displays employment and residential distributions by the geography you select, available to the census block level. Companion reports provide statistics on employment counts by worker age, earnings, industry, race, ethnicity, educational attainment and sex.

In addition to this new labor force information, you will also see changes to the PDF report output. This complete redesign for each analysis type provides a publication-quality document.  Map, chart, and table elements now appear as full-size, high-quality graphics that are organized in a consistent layout.

What is available in OnTheMap?

  • Comprehensive Coverage – Census block-level coverage for home and work areas in 50 partner states/territories with consecutive years of data from 2002 to 2011. Available characteristics include worker age, earnings, industry sector, worker race, worker ethnicity, worker educational attainment, worker sex, firm age and firm size.
  • Powerful Analysis Tools – Six different analysis options are available for you to analyze, compare, and summarize a vast amount of labor force data for user-defined or Census-standard areas. Each set of results are presented through interactive maps, charts, and reports.
  • Versatile Outputs – Results can be exported to a report (PDF, HTML, XLS), to a map (KML or Shapefile), or to other forms (PNG images or composite PDF). You can also save your analysis settings for future use in OnTheMap.

If you would like to learn more, visit the Longitudinal Employer-Household Dynamics (LEHD) home page or OnTheMap Help pages.

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3 Responses to OnTheMap Upgrades – New Business Firm-Level Data and Improved PDF Reports

  1. Bob Gradeck says:

    Is this data on the On the Map site yet? Went looking for it and didn’t see it.

  2. Matthew Graham says:

    Yes, the Firm Age and Firm Size data are available, but they are available only for 2011 and have not been crossed with all variables. To find them choose the following options in the Analysis Settings popup in OnTheMap:

    * Set the Home/Work Area option to “Work”
    * Set the Analysis Type to either “Area Profile” or “Area Comparison”
    * Set the Year to 2011
    * Set the Job Type to “All Private Jobs”

    In the Area Profile analysis results, Firm Age and Firm Size tables will be under the chart on the right side of the application.

    In the Area Comparison analysis results, Firm Age and Firm Size can be accessed via the Characteristic Filter option in the control panel on the left side of the application.

  3. Mark Ehlen says:

    I took a look at the jobs data for Cook County and its very very helpful for our cities work; is there a way to get this data more systematically (txt, csv) for all US MSAs? Would be extremely valuable to us. Thanks, M

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