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The Vanishing Married Household?

Written by: Jonathan Vespa Did you know that in 1970 married couples with children made up 40 percent of American households? Today, they comprise just 20 percent (see figure).   What looks like a dramatic drop in married households may be … Continue reading

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Public Employment and Public Pensions: A 20-Year Comparison

Written by: Erika Becker-Medina and Paul Reyes According to the 2011 Annual Survey of Public Employment and Payroll, there were 19.3 million state and local government employees, with 11.1 million, or 57.3 percent, working in education. To understand the magnitude … Continue reading

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The Difference International Migration Makes in Projections of the U.S. Population

Written by: Jennifer M. Ortman and David M. Armstrong Recent Census Bureau projections highlighted that international migration will likely become the main driver of growth of our nation’s population between 2027 and 2038. This range was created from different projections … Continue reading

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What Languages are Spoken in Your Area?

Written by: Camille Ryan and Tiffany Julian Did you know that more than 300 different languages are spoken in the United States? A new report and mapping tool released today by the U.S. Census Bureau takes a detailed look at … Continue reading

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