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A Picture of Housing Constructed in 2012

Written by: Katie McNitt Did you know that there were 483,000 single-family homes built in the United States in 2012? In addition, there were 166,000 multifamily units completed. How do we know about characteristics of these new homes, such as … Continue reading

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When Off-Campus College Students are Excluded, Poverty Rates Fall in Many College Towns

Written by: Alemayehu Bishaw What happens to the poverty rate of a community when you exclude college students who live off-campus? A new working paper, Examining the Effect of Off-Campus College Students on Poverty Rates, using  American Community Survey data … Continue reading

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Local Governments in Northeast More Reliant on Property Taxes than in South and West

Written by: Meagan Tydings In 2011, property taxes accounted for 74.2 percent of local governments’ tax revenue, according to Census Bureau statistics released today.  Property taxes are a principal source of revenue for local governments in the United States, providing … Continue reading

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