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Faster vs. Bigger: Size and Growth of the Foreign-Born from Asia and Latin America

Rapid Growth Doesn’t Necessarily Trump a Big Population Base Written by: Elizabeth M. Grieco and Christine Gambino The foreign-born population from Asia increased over the last decade – from 8.2 million in 2000 to 11.6 million in 2011 – and … Continue reading

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No Commute? Americans Who Work at Home

Written by: Peter Mateyka Have you noticed more of your colleagues, friends, and family have been working from home? Well, a Census Bureau report released last week titled “Home-Based Workers in the U.S: 2010” has found an upward trend in … Continue reading

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The Health Care Picture for the Uninsured

Written by: Brett O’Hara In general, a doctor’s visit is a fairly standard event, as about three in four adults made a trip to a medical provider at least once during 2010.  If you lack health insurance, however, the picture … Continue reading

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