Census Bureau Announces Schedule for Population Estimates Releases

Written by: Victoria Velkoff

The 2010 Census counted 3 million residents of Orange County, Calif. How quickly has the home of Disneyland grown since? You will find out a little later this year, as the Census Bureau releases several sets of population estimates pertaining to July 1, 2011.

The Census Bureau releases population estimates every year, except during decennial census years. These estimates measure population change since the latest census using administrative records and survey data and are used heavily by local planners.

The release of these various sets of estimates will occur on a flow basis starting April 5, with estimates of the total population for counties, Puerto Rico municipios, and metropolitan and micropolitan statistical areas, and continuing through June 28 with estimates of the total population for cities, towns and other subcounty areas. In between, we will publish U.S., state, and county estimates by age, sex, race, and Hispanic origin, as well as estimates of housing units for the nation, states and counties.

Two sets of estimates have already been released — those for the total population for the nation and states (in December) and the voting-age population of states (Jan. 5). To access these estimates… 

For more information on the methodology used to produce the population estimates, Population Estimates Methodology…

Read the press release…

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