OnTheMap Connects Where People Work and Where Workers Live

In a world of economic uncertainties, innovative products from the U.S. Census Bureau help job seekers, employers and economic planners get an in-depth look at their local job market. OnTheMap is an interactive mapping tool that allows both novice and experienced computer users to create, print and download workforce related maps, charts, profiles and reports.

The U.S. Census Bureau recently released Version 5 of this online mapping tool. It includes a number of important new features and enhancements including: the addition of data for Connecticut, new analysis types (including Area Comparison, Destination, Distance/Direction, and Inflow/Outflow) and a redesigned user interface with a dashboard layout.

OnTheMap data can help you analyze the concentration of workers in a selected area and provides comparisons of employment areas by workers’ residences, ages and monthly earnings. This easy-to-use online interface has several different types of analyses that provide a wide variety of results.

  1. Area Profile Analysis shows the location and characteristics of workers living or working inside the selected study area.
  2. Area Comparison Analysis shows the count and characteristics of workers employed or living in locations (cities, counties, tracts, etc.). The Areas to Compare dropdown menu determines unique types of locations to be compared, such as military bases, secondary school districts, tribal lands and more.
  3. Distance/Direction Analysis shows the distance and direction totals between residence and employment locations for workers.
  4. Destination Analysis shows the home or work destinations of workers employed or living in the selected study area.
  5. Inflow/Outflow Analysis shows the count and characteristics of worker flows in to, out of, and within the selected study area.

OnTheMap Version 5 can be accessed by selecting “Local Employment Dynamics” at http://www.census.gov and then OnTheMap under Quick Links, or directly at http://lehdmap.did.census.gov. Data is available for all states except Massachusetts and New Hampshire.



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